Help Oxford Become A Smart City

Our project, Oxford Flood Network, is giving citizens of Oxford the potential to make their own city smarter using Internet of Things technology to detect water levels and flooding by hosting small low-cost sensors near homes.

If you live in Oxford city, around the Thames or Cherwell, Oxford Canal or one of the many streams and think you’d like to host a sensor and gateway in your home then now’s the time to let us know.

We’re collecting a list of people who are happy to host a sensor (50mm x 50mm x 100mm) or gateway device (90mm x 60mm x 26mm). For it to work you’ll need to have broadband router within 200 metres of the water, or know someone who can offer the use of their broadband. Once connected it generates a tiny amount of data each hour and uses a tiny amount of electricity (£4/year). 

If you add yourself to the list of locations we can talk to you about hosting a gateway or sensor: 

For more information contact us at: or follow @oxfloodnet on Twitter.