In 2014 we partnered with Nominet UK to build a TV Whitespace (TVWS) network for Ofcom's national pilot.

The intended outcomes for Ofcom were to see the TVWS database framework in action, and also to understand likely use-cases. We demonstrated the use of TVWS in the Internet of Things, providing connectivity to flood detection and security systems at Hogacre Common Eco-Park in the flood plain of South Oxford.

Left: Ben ward (love hz) and right: pasquale cataldi (nominet) with flood network equipment at hogacre common eco-park

Using the Nominet UK TVWS database with Adaptrum ACRS2.0 equipment we created a robust non-line-of-site link between the site and our base station, providing speeds of around 10Mbps (symmetric) passing through trees and buildings.

Love Hz provided the network design and implementation and also carried out extensive testing with Ofcom and Adaptrum to ensure the devices passed real-world tests.

The pilot network is still operational, being monitored and maintained by Love Hz and demonstrates TVWS applicability in Internet of Things scenarios, particularly remote sensor backhaul. 

As legislation and standards are formed, we expect to see the eco-system reduce the cost and energy requirements of TVWS equipment become applicable to even more IoT applications.

If you'd like to run a TV Whitespace network we offer services from design and implementation through to operations and management. We'd be happy to discuss your needs, so please get in touch.

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